Prenatal ClassesPrenatal Classes

Conducted in my brand new, purpose-built clinic at Helensvale, on the Gold Coast.

  • Can't fit in to the hospital classes?
  • Just moved to the Gold Coast from interstate or overseas?
  • Both busy professionals and time is precious?
  • Prefer smaller, more relaxed groups or an individual class just for you and your partner?
  • Having your second or third baby and want to update and refresh?
  • Live in Brisbane and would like a weekend on the Gold Coast as well as attending your Prenatal Classes?

    .................Then these prenatal classes are ideal for you!

Choose the option that suits you...

  • GROUP WEEKEND WORKSHOP - Max. 4 couples (held over 2 consecutive Saturdays)
  • PRIVATE PRENATAL CLASS - for individual couples (held over 1 day or 2 half days)


With over 25 years experience as a Midwife and Childbirth Educator, I have developed a strong belief in the important role prenatal education plays in building self-esteem, self confidence and trust in your natural abilities and instincts, as you prepare for birth and parenthood. Most importantly, I love teaching and I offer an alternative to what other classes offer. 

Small groups create a friendly atmosphere where you will feel comfortable and enjoy learning. It is so satisfying to me to see friendships form and see the fear and anxiety that often surrounds childbirth, be replaced by confidence and eager anticipation.

All topics are discussed in a relaxed and carefully paced way, sensitive to the needs of individuals and there will be ample time for questions and discussion amongst the group.

Your partner or support person is most welcome and encouraged to attend.


Those parents wanting to refresh and update after a previous birth, may choose to attend the whole course or attend a private session catered to your needs.

Prenatal classes can be commenced at any time, but are best commenced from about 28-30 weeks.

Morning tea will be provided. Lunch can be purchased from any of the nearby shops and cafes.

Disclaimer:  As a minimum number of bookings are required for workshops / classes to be held, the class may need to be cancelled or rescheduled.  Should this occur, you will be notified as soon as possible and booked into another class.  Every effort will be made to accommodate your wishes.

Program for the Weekend Workshop

Weekend Workshops are held over 2 consecutive Saturdays

The content of each class is discussed within the group, so that apart from those topics listed below, particular topics of interest for you can be focused on. 

This ensures that the program is flexible and individual needs are met. 


Session 1 - 1st Saturday

  • Meet and greet, introductions, getting to know one another.
  • Signs of early labour, when to come to hospital.
  • Basic anatomy, hormones and the pelvis explained.
  • Stages and phases of labour, positions of the baby.
  • Induction of labour.
  • Interventions (episiotomy, forceps, etc.)
  • Birth plans / preferences. 
  • Birth of the baby, demonstration with doll and pelvis.
  • Characteristics of the newborn.
  • Birth DVD (carefully chosen and optional) 
  • Options for pain relief - Nitrous Oxide, Pethidine, Epidurals, and TENS.
  • Managing and coping with labour, principles of 'active birth', endorphins.
  • Role of the doctors, midwives, partners and support people.
  • Massage, touch relaxation, the birth environment, positions for labour and birth
  • Relaxation techniques and breathing to let go
  • Caesarean sections
    • indications
    • anaesthetic choice
    • pre and post op care

Session 2 - 2nd Saturday

  • The newborn - DVD and discussion.
  • Topics discussed include the importance of early skin to skin contact, Vitamin K, Immunizations, premature babies, newborn screening, jaundice, hearing test, caring for baby in hospital.
  • What to bring to hospital for you, your baby and the birth suite. 
  • Hospital routine and procedures, discharge, baby clinics and postnatal support.
  • Feeding your baby - making the choice, benefits of breastfeeding and practical aspects of  breastfeeding explained and discussed.
  • Becoming parents, lifestyle changes, your relationship.
  • Parenting issues, taking the baby home and settling in, the importance of fathers.
  • Crying babies, sleeping patterns, settling techniques.
  • Dealing with unexpected outcomes.
  • Postnatal education and support.
  • Setting up the nursery, bathing, wrapping and nappies.
  • Postnatal Depression, SIDS, sex after childbirth and contraception.


Private Prenatal Class

These one on one sessions for individual couples, can be completed over one day or over 2 half sessions. 

Choose either a One Day Workshop on a Saturday or Sunday 9 am - 5 pm or 2 sessions of 4 hours each.

You and your partner may prefer to have an individual short session (2 - 4 hours) tailored to meet your needs and lifestyle, that will cover just those issues important to you.

These popular sessions suit shift workers, busy people or those who simply prefer a more private and individualized approach.

All those topics discussed in the Weekend Workshop will be covered, or just those topics of interest to you.

Content, fees and times can be discussed with Anne.


Caesarean Class

If you are booked in to have a Caesarean Section, you and you partner can choose to do an abridged private course, which will cover everything you need to know regarding Caesareans as well as all the postnatal topics covered in the full course.

This class usually takes about 5-6 hours instead of the full 8 hour private class and is priced accordingly. Please see the Fees page for further information.


Active Birth Class

This special 2 hour class is designed for those who want more information to help them achieve a natural birth.

This class can be done at any time and may compliment what you have covered in other classes or build on the knowledge you already have. 

Be empowered as you understand how to tap into your innate wisdom, natural abilities and instincts. This will help you tune into your body's rhythms, thus working with and coping better with the labour and birth.

Support people will learn how to create the perfect environment to encourage the right balance of hormones during labour and birth.

In this very practical class, you and your partner or support person will be shown practical skills and relaxation techniques, such as massage and breathing to help you let go and relax. Learn comfort positions that open your pelvis, ease discomfort and allow gravity to assist in the birth process.

Private Breastfeeding Class

It doesnt matter where you are having your baby, which prenatal classes you are attending, or if this is your first or fourth baby, this class will be interesting and provide great information as you prepare for the birth of your baby.

By attending this class during your pregnancy, you will gain increased knowledge and confidence to help overcome many of the challenges in those first few days and weeks after the birth of your baby, discovering the joys and satisfaction of breastfeeding. 

Your partner is very welcome to attend the class with you and  you are also able to decide which topics you would like covered and when it is suitable for you to attend.  

The class usually takes between 1 - 2 hours.

Please call Anne to discuss this.

Topics that may be covered are listed below.

  • Discussion on physiology of breastfeeding and the benefits for mother and baby.

  • Importance of correct positioning and attachment of your baby.

  • Common problems encountered and prevention and management of these. E.g. Sore nipples, Mastitis  

  • Nutrition and general health during lactation.

  • Weaning and commencing solids.

  • Expressing and storage of breast milk. Going back to work.

  • General discussion, including where to get help postnatally. 


Please see the relevant pages on this website for dates and prices, or contact Anne by phone or email.