Kristy (Pregnancy Massage)

"I went to Prenatal classes at Pindara hospital where Anne held classes. She was such a wealth of knowledge and made the whole lead up to the birth much more comfortable for myself and my husband. Her experience as a midwife made me much more at ease and I learnt so much more from Anne then I could have from any magazine or book.
Whilst at the classes I found out Anne also did pre natal massage which I went to on a weekly basis after 32 weeks, it was the only time in the last trimester that I felt completely relaxed comfortable and in a world of peace.

Her technique was both gentle and also soothing. The baby also felt relaxed inside my tummy.
I highly recommend Anne to anyone who has high anxiety about birth and being a mother, I did and with her help I managed to overcome many fears I had."

Karyn (Pregnancy Massage, Infant Massage and Postnatal Massage)

"I first met Anne during our antenatal classes at Pindara hospital. Her lovely nature and the extensive knowledge she displayed as a teacher during the classes made me really interested in trying her pregnancy massages. I ended up having weekly massages from Anne in the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy. This hour per week was such a relaxing and calming way to prepare for my babys birth. Annes wonderful massages not only relieved any aches and pains but also allowed me to ask Anne questions about childbirth in a private and comfortable environment.

After my daughter was born, my husband and I, along with our bub, attended Annes private Infant Massage course. Again, Annes extensive knowledge and wonderful nature made these classes fantastic! Our baby enjoyed them too and still enjoys the benefits of what we learnt in these classes!
I was also lucky enough to have some massages from Anne after our baby was born. This was just what I needed! When time allows me, I will be back for more. She has a magic touch!

Throughout all my dealings with Anne, I have found her to be so calming and reassuring as well as very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I have recommended Anne to pregnant friends and will continue to do so. Thank you Anne!"

 Anne (Remedial Massage)

"I found Anne through a friend while I was looking for a good masseuse that I could regularly go to. Four years later and I still see Anne once a month for a full body massage. This is the most enjoyable and beneficial time that I can spend just on myself and I look forward to it each time. I have a problem from time to time with sciatica and neck and shoulder stiffness and Anne works her magic touch in just the right way to ease these symptoms. But its more than that, after a massage from Anne you walk out on a cloud, completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

Anne is always attentive to my needs and listens to any concerns I may have. She is extremely professional and takes great pride in her abilities and I have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

Amelia (Prenatal Class, Pregnancy Massage)

"We loved our pre-natal classes with the lovely Anne Cifuentes at Power of Touch.
As we were having our first child, we had no idea what to expect until we went to Anne's classes after our obstetrician highly recommended her.  The smaller, more intimate group of just four couples made it easier to ask questions and get the information we needed.

Her relaxed approach made it feel less like a class and more like a friendly get-together with friends.
With 25 years' experience as a midwife on the Gold Coast Anne is a fountain of knowledge on everything pregnancy, delivery and baby-related - there was nothing she couldn't educate us about and no question she couldn't answer.

When I fell pregnant I was nervous about giving birth, but after Anne's classes the fear was gone and I looked forward to the day with confidence.  Now after having my baby, I know everything she said from breastfeeding to swaddling was right!

As well being a great teacher, Anne's massages were an absolute delight for my tired body during my pregnancy.  Every chance I got I booked in for a massage with Anne and after an hour on her massage table I would feel completely at ease and sleep ever so soundly for the next few nights.
I recommend Anne to everyone I know and I'm so glad I found her!"

Brooke (Pregnancy Massage)

"During my first pregnancy, I was referred to Anne by another expectant mother. I'm expecting my second child now and could not imagine going through a pregnancy without Anne's wonderfully soothing hands! Anne is by far the best masseuse I've ever visited. Her attention and expertise of pregnant women is unbelievable and needs to be experienced to be believed! You are provided with supportive pillows to ensure your comfort - like lying amongst clouds!!! Anne is extremely personable, ensures her clients are at ease and retains their privacy for the entire treatment!

I have recommended Anne to multiple friends and family and shall continue to do so. Thank you Anne for the brilliant, incomparable service you provide!"

Yen and Daniel (Prenatal Class)

"We loved Anne's 4-week Prenatal Course. We found that Anne was a very reliable source of information because of her extensive experience as a midwife. Anne is very friendly and approachable, and we felt comfortable in her class.

We chose Anne's group prenatal course because we wanted a more intimate setting where we can feel comfortable asking anything that was on our minds, and that was certainly the case. We also became friends with the other couples and are keeping in touch with everyone.

We would highly recommend Anne to anyone who is looking for a complete prenatal course. The information that Anne has imparted has contributed to our confidence in caring for our new baby."

Amanda and Darin (Prenatal Class)

"I am writing on behalf of my partner Darin and myself after just recently completing your prenatal classes. You were recommended to us from my Obstetrician Penny Isherwood who gave me glowing reports on your classes. I can understand why she feels so confident in referring you to her patients with your obvious experience and wealth of knowledge.

Your class was something we very much wanted to do as we both felt a little bit overwhelmed and out of touch with what to expect now that our due date was getting closer. We arrived nervous about the pending labour and birth and have left your classes feeling powered with knowledge and a new sense of excitement about the birth of our baby to come. You delivered all of the information to us in an easy to understand manner and in a way that kept the men interested too. We were involved in your group classes which were great as well, meeting other couples in the same boat so to speak. We were able to all interact and discuss issues we all were experiencing and talk shopping tips etc. We all actually had fun! You did not leave any questions unanswered and were always happy to answer any of our questions.

I would recommend your services to any expecting couple as we really now feel ready for the new adventure ahead of us. Thank you once again Anne for your classes, we loved them."

Robyn - ( Remedial Massage)

"Having been diagnosed with 2 prolapsed discs in my back and looking for an alternative to taking anti-inflammatory drugs for the rest of my life, I was referred to Anne Cifuentes from Power of Touch by my local GP. I visited Anne for regular appointments for remedial massages to help sort out the pain issues I was having daily. Now nearly 3 years on, I am off the drugs and experience only minimal pain on the odd day. I have found Anne to be very professional and approachable, with a broad knowledge on remedial massage and with the issues I have faced with my back. I even enjoy a massage on the days where I have no pain.

I take great pride in recommending Anne to people who want to make a change in their health for the better. Massage is not just a luxury, but a necessity and Annes business name is a truth on its own. The power of touch has made a huge difference in my life and will continue to do so in the future."

Jaimie and Joe (Prenatal Class)

"My Husband and I are fairly new to the Gold Coast and having our first baby, it was important to me that we found a group antenatal class, to perhaps meet new people doing the same baby thing. We were relieved to find Anne and her friendly down to earth approach to our classes. It was a real experience and informative for my husband and I, who are just so excited to become parents at last.

Anne has gently guided us through the stuff that daunts us most about parenthood, the arrival. We now feel confident about getting through it together and the options or situations that may arise through that process are understood. We can now make informed decisions about our choices with confidence. Thank you Anne, for making this experience so wonderful for us both. It has also helped bring my husband and I closer together, as we feel united for our new family.

Thanks for the delicious supper you provided for us and our new friends Amanda & Darin, Aliza & Jacob every week."

Kathryn (Remedial Massage)

"It gives me great pleasure in being able to let more people know about Anne. I have been having remedial massages for a number of years to assist me after major back surgery and having been absent from the Gold Coast for about 20 years I needed to find someone well qualified to provide the relief I need. From the Yellow Pages advertisement I was impressed with all the different types of treatment Anne could provide - that was nearly three years ago and I wouldn't miss my regular massage!

From my very first appointment I was incredibly impressed with the ease of our communication, and the caring and competence of Anne in providing me with the type of relief I need, which allows me to get on with a rather busy life in retirement. Also, it's such a joy to feel so totally indulged! Having had remedial massages over the years from a number of different practitioners I can honestly say I've benefited more since my appointments with Anne. I have no hesitation in recommending Anne as a consummate professional who is extremely well qualified and skilled, as well as being a genuinely lovely lady."